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How to find Local Artisans

It can be challenging to discover local artisans and to locate them. This blog aims to provide a detailed guide on the various ways to discover artisans and specific locations where you can find them. 

So, let's get started!

1. Markets

Markets are a Great Way to Discover a Market of Artisan Treasures with an Array of Different Vendors. 

1. Queens St Marketplace

Queens Street Marketplace is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping small businesses create affordable and inclusive spaces within our Toronto community. As vendors ourselves, we understand the significance of being able to participate in public markets to showcase and sell artisan crafts. (Queen Street Marketplace)

2. Ethical Local Market

Ethical Local Market is a local curated market that is a great place to find local artisans that specialize in jewelry, candles and face and body care. That focuses on ethical, sustainable small businesses that need a place to sell their products. It is all about 'Rooting For Each Other'

3. Toronto Artisan Market 

Toronto Artisan is a community-based non-profit organization that supports and benefits local artists, artisans, and the community. They create accessible and inclusive events dedicated to nurturing and promoting artistic talent and supporting the economic development of our local artists and vibrant city. Additionally, they develop programs designed to assist and encourage Black, Indigenous, POC, and LGBTQ+ artists and makers to ensure equal opportunity and diversity in our community.(Toronto Artisan Market)

4. Evergreen Brickwork

Evergreen Brick Works is a place where people can experience and learn sustainable practices that enable the cities of the future. 

Functions as a social enterprise, meaning that any profit we make from our revenue-generating ventures like hosting events, the Evergreen Garden Market or our camps and educational programs is invested in maintaining the Brick Works and used to fund Evergreen’s work across Canada. (Evergreen Brickwork) 

Discover More Markets: 

    1. Arts Market
    2. Toronto Flea
    3. Kensington Market
    4. Hippie Market
    5. The Welcome Market
    6. The Mom Market Co

2. Online

Discover Unique Vendors from the Comfort of Your Home.

1. Ethical Local Market


How about a wide selection of local artisans all in one convenient place? ELM-Ethical Local Market has it all and updates on when new vendors come into the store when subscribed to the newsletter. ELM focuses on ethical, sustainable small businesses. 

2. Soeur Body and Candle

Soeur Body and Candle is owned by two sisters who started making soap and candles for family and friends. These candles are hand poured and non-toxic. Great for gifts. Their focus is on cruelty free and sustainably made products that are fun. 

3. Etsy

It may take a little more digging to find what you are looking for on Etsy but it has a wide variety and an easy way to support small artisans. We recommend adding: "Sustainable" or "locally made" or "handmade" Then the item you desire in the search bar for best results. 

4. Chat Gpt

Discover the Best Vendors with Chat GPT Guidance. Use prompts like 'Where to Find Local Jewelry Artisans on the Eastside of Toronto' or a type of artisan you are looking for and the area you are in. Or 'Local Curated Stores That Carry Local Artisans' Products in Beaches Area,' change the location to where you are. The last one is 'Give Me a List of Local Artisans that Prioritize Ethical Products in Toronto.' Change what they prioritize to what you want and the area you would like it to be in. Chat GPT helps if you aren't up to exploring for new Local artisans by foot. 

3. Social Media 

Social media is a great way to be engaged with artisans and know when they are releasing new items and also a great way to find similar vendors

1. Aaram Lux 

Aaram Lux is where you can experience a tranquil moment with a lovely candle that doubles as a decorative piece. Hand-poured in Canada for a personal touch.

3. Curious Accessories

Curious Accessories is  where you'll find handmade Jewelry from a local artisan in Toronto. Looking for unique pieces? You're in the right place. Al creates beautiful beaded pieces, some with a Japanese twist!

4. Pearl Queen Beauty 

Ester, a Nurse, is the brains behind Pearl Queen Beauty. She fought her own skin battles and now offers non-toxic goodness to keep your face and skin happy. Everything's ethically sourced and handmade!

5. Chameleon Creates  

Chameleon Creates crafts are all about that 100% Cotton goodness from a local artisan. These goodies are perfect for gifting and getting ready for the sunny season ahead. Get them in a rainbow of colors!


Why is Supporting Local Artisans Important?

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