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10 Ways to Support Local Retailers

Supporting local retailers is crucial for economic growth, job creation, and lower costs.

Here are ten impactful ways to help local retailers thrive. Even small gestures can make a significant difference!

1. Referrals

- Share Referral Programs: Many businesses offer referral discounts. Share these with your network to attract more customers.

- Spread the Word: Tell your friends, family, and colleagues about your favorite local shops.

2. Shop Locally

- Curated Stores: Local stores often carry unique items perfect for gifts or personal use. Explore these to find one-of-a-kind pieces.

3. Engage on Social Media

- Like, Comment, Follow: Engaging with local businesses on social media increases their visibility and helps them attract new customers.

4. Buy Gift Cards

- Immediate Support: Purchasing gift cards provides immediate revenue for the business and encourages new customers to visit.

5. Sign Up for Newsletters

- Stay Informed: Subscribing to newsletters shows you care and informs you about exclusive deals and events.

6. Attend Their Events

- Community Involvement: Participating in local events supports the business and offers a fun outing for you and your family or friends.

7. Write Positive Reviews

- Boost Online Presence: Positive reviews on Google and other platforms enhance the business's online ranking and attract new customers.

8. Join Loyalty Programs

- Mutual Benefits: Loyalty programs provide perks for you and ensure repeat business for the retailer.

9. Give Shout-Outs

- Increase Exposure: Publicly recognizing local retailers on social media or other platforms helps them gain more visibility.

10. Donate

- Financial Support: Some businesses may have donation options to support their operations or community initiatives.


Show appreciation for small businesses if you enjoy their services. They rely on customers like you to sustain their operations, and your support can significantly impact their success and the local economy.

(Boyd Makayla, 2024)


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