Wound Wash

Wound Wash

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This spring water and witch hazel hydrosol based infusion of powerful plants creates a phenomenal antiseptic, soothing wash for minor injuries to stop bleeding, reduce pain, inflammation, avoid infection and promote healing. Also helps to reduce itchiness and swelling from bug bites etc. Highly effective and gentle enough to be used on your non-human loved ones’ boo-boos too.

10ml (0.3 fl oz) spray


A gentle spring water and witch hazel hydrosol based infusion of these antiseptic pain relieving healing plants:

  • bergamot
  • black-eyed Susan
  • calendula
  • cedar
  • chamomile
  • chickweed
  • comfrey
  • goldenrod
  • lavender
  • oregano
  • plantain
  • red clover
  • rosemary
  • sage
  • self-heal
  • thyme
  • yarrow
  • curly dock
  • mullein
  • cleavers
  • usnea lichen
+ For medicinal and preservative purposes:
Plantain, yarrow + mullein tinctures and propolis (from local bees!)
  • Balsam, rosemary, thyme and lavender essential oils
+ Grape seed extract as natural antioxidant and emulsifier


Spray on insect bites to soothe itch reaction, and on minor open wounds, scrapes or scratches as an antiseptic styptic to fight infection and promote healing. Best to clean wound with soap and water prior.