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Made of porcelain, this kyūsu features a crystallized black glaze that gives it a rustic yet elegant vibe. 

This teapot has a unique, soft cocoon-shaped body that is sure to draw attention, enhancing the overall visual experience during tea time.

The rounded body creates a nice flow of water within, helping the leaves to open up and fully release its flavours. The kyūsu is equipped with a built-in tea strainer with small openings to keep leaves out of your cup. 

Did you know? Mayu (繭) means "cocoon".


Material: Porcelain

Size: 118 x 180 x 100mm

Capacity: 300ml

Dishwasher & Microwave safe. Do not use in the oven.


Yameheigama (やま平窯) is a kiln located in Arita, a region in Saga Prefecture that has a rich tradition of porcelain making since the 17th century. They craft simple, minimal tableware that dares to awe and charm users; a philosophy that they realized by their long-established experience in custom dinnerware production.