Take the Edge Off Tincture

Take the Edge Off Tincture

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Take the Edge Off Tincture : Inflammation and Pain Relief

This is an alcohol infusion of a blend of the North Eastern forests’ wild plants and mushrooms recognized in herbal medicine for their analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties (among their many other benefits) – to help reduce mild to moderate inflammation and pain, from acute to chronic, including pre-menstrual cramps and shingles.

50 ml (1.8 oz)


35% grain alcohol infusion of respectfully wild harvested birch polypore and turkey tail mushrooms, bunchberry, nettle, prickly ash bark and St. John’s wort.

Take daily, best under the tongue. If preferred, for increased palatability, may put in water, tea or juice. For children or pets, boil off or dilute alcohol content and use with caution.
Attention: Saint John’s Wort may cause sun sensitivity