She Sells Sanctuary - Bunny Hand Puppet

She Sells Sanctuary

Bunny Hand Puppet

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This adorable pink and white Bunny hand puppet was crafted using traditional Nepalese felt. Ideal for story time, or as the perfect tool to engage in imaginative and interactive play with your child or toddler. Also, great for use over zoom to share smiles and laughter with grandchildren! Sturdy and thick the felt will endure for years and will become softer and more malleable with continued use.

Made of 100% wool. Artisan hand crafted by Nepalese cottage industries mostly made up of marginalized women using traditional techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Dimensions: H: 15.5 inches x W: 10.5 inches
Material: 100% wool (needle felted)

1. Try wiping the stain away with a damp cloth.
2. Hand wash in cold water with a natural soap and then gently wring out excess water before laying flat to dry. Loose fibres over time are natural and occur with all wool products. Just pull or snip them off.