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Red Sleigh Mouse

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Prepare to be whisked away with two whiskered wintry wonders! Charming details and high quality Fair Trade handwork make this hand-felted holiday ornament extra special. Artisans in Nepal use 100% natural wool and a handmade paper toboggan.

Type: Hanging Decoration

Dimensions: 3.5"h x 4.5"l

Material: 100% wool
Manufacturing: Handmade by traditional needle felting/wet felting techniques. Certified Fair Trade

Our top-quality sheep’s wool is sourced from New Zealand, a completely natural by-product which is processed to the highest environmental standards and always cruelty free.

The various processes this wool goes through to transform into our fabulous felt is always as eco-conscious as possible. Our products are hand crafted using traditional needle felting and wet felting techniques.
Naturally, these artisan methods are far more environmentally friendly as they require no machinery and therefore the production of our products is entirely pollution free.