Sinus Chest and Foot Rub

Sinus Chest and Foot Rub

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This blend of plant infusions and essential oils were chosen specifically for their expectorant and astringent properties to decongest and dry out mucous of the lungs, nasal passage and sinuses when struggling with a persistent cough, chest cold, bronchitis or sinus congestion.


Balsam, cedar + pine infused oils and resins.
Clove, eucalyptus, plantain, rosemary, staghorn sumac, thyme, and wintergreen infused in sunflower and grape seed oils (+ extract) + vitamin E.
Essential oils: Balsam, clove, eucalyptus, rosemary, thyme and wintergreen.

Apply to bottom of the feet, to chest, back, nose and sinus areas on the face (use caution around mucous membranes and eyes). Open mouth and inhale aromatics from your hands. If symptoms worsen, consult your doctor.

Best stored in cool place out of sunlight.