Mamaa Trade

Shea Butter Soap (Scented and Coloured)

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These handcrafted shea soaps are both cleansing and moisturizing and suit all skin types. The lather is soft and creamy. We have the following colours and scents available:

Green + swirled green&white - Peppermint

Yellow - Lemongrass

Apricot - Orange

Swirled red&white - Lavender

Swirled black&white - anise (liquorice)

Blue&black&white - Lavender and lemongrass

Green&red&white - Lavender and lemongrass

Weight: approx. 100g

Ingredients: Shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, baobab oil, water, lye, different essential oils

Handmade in Canada by Mamaa Trade with fair trade shea butter produced by Kongo Nagbok Nongtaab Shea Butter Production. With the income earned from making shea butter the women are able to take better care of themselves and educate their children.

Good for you, good for the producers, good for the planet!