I am Woman! Tincture

I am Woman! Tincture

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This is a grain alcohol infused blend of plants recognized in herbal medicine for hormonal balancing to reduce the severity of menopausal symptoms, from hot flashes to nervous system disturbances without the risks of pharmaceutical medications. Also helpful for women post menopause, with phytosterols (plant based hormones), nervine calmatives, and mineral rich plants to support a woman’s body recalibrate to a new homeostasis through its hormonal changes

50 ml (1.8 oz)


35% grain alcohol infusion of these respectfully, sustainably wild harvested and consciously cultivated herbs: Alfalfa, lemon balm, red clover, Sage, self heal/heal all, motherwort and reishi mushrooms (triple extracted, water and alcohol decoctions for optimum potency)

Take daily, best under the tongue. If preferred, may put in water, tea or juice.
Ideally, for best results, use in conjunction with the Women’s Friends. When symptoms become acute, do at least a week of the dried infusion, then, once reduced and stabilized, use tincture for maintenance and travel. Repeat this cycle as needed.
Not recommended for women who are estrogen dominant or still menstruating.