Herbal Helpers Cough Syrup

Herbal Helpers Cough Syrup

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A water based infusion of lung loving plants, to calm and dry out cough-causing mucous, and soothing irritated lungs, with the tasty calmative effects of antimicrobial honey and brandy.

100 ml (3.6 oz)


Borage, chamomile, chickweed, coltsfoot (flower + leaf), field pennycress, lavender, peppermint, goldenrod, anise hyssop, mullein, plantain, red clover, sage, self-heal, staghorn sumac berries, thyme, usnea lichen, yarrow, white pine needles+ wild lily of the valley infused in spring water.
Raw honey and brandy.

2-3 Tbsp as needed. 1-2 Tbsp child. If symptoms worsen, discontinue and consult your doctor.