Flower Power Immune Boost Tincture

Flower Power Immune Boost Tincture

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This alcohol infusion is made with plants and mushrooms traditionally used in herbal medicine for revitalizing a sluggish or overwhelmed immune system to help strengthen your body’s ability to fight off bacterial, fungal or viral infections.

50 ml (1.8 oz)


Grain alcohol (35%) blended infusions of sustainably hand-picked wild harvested turkey tail, birch polypore and reishi mushrooms, black-eyed Susan, goldenrod and nettle with consciously cultivated echinacea.

Take immediately at onset of cold or flu symptoms.
Can be used topically too, on cuts, scrapes or fungal infections.
Take daily, best under the tongue. If preferred, for increased palatability, may put in water, tea or juice. For children or pets, boil off or dilute alcohol content and use with caution.
Not to be used by those with rheumatoid arthritis or auto-immune disease
Not for prolonged use.