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Rose Travel Candle

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Rose, jasmine, amber 

A beautiful English garden on a sunny day with rose bushes blooming beside jasmine and lily petals. The rich soil smells like berries, amber musk, and sandalwood, gently grounding the floral scent of romantic blooms in the air.

Why You’ll Love It: 

  • Romantic, ethereal floral notes will make your space feel beautiful 

  • Wooden wick has a comforting crackling sound when burning 

  • Hand-poured with love in small batches from our studio in The Beach, Toronto

Details: 6 oz.(170g), 60 hour burn time

Ingredients: 100% soy wax made in the USA, FSC-certified wood wick, and fragrance oils (paraben-free, phthalate-free, vegan and cruelty-free)