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My Night In Bundle Box

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Specially curated to create the perfect relaxing night at home and beautifully packaged, this bundle is the perfect gift for a loved one, or for yourself! The bundle is valued at a retail price of $80.

Inspired by the concept of a luxurious spa day at your favorite five-star, our bundle will treat all five senses to a soothing, full-body experience. Featuring our flagship skincare products from THE BASICS line, a hand-poured-all-natural candle with our exclusive fragrance blend, an “unwind” journal prompt to guide your introspection, and ethically-sourced raw wildflower unpasteurized honey. With the “My Night In” bundle box from C’EST LA, you can rest easy knowing you’re taking a moment of pause while supporting your wellness, our small business, Ontario honey bees, and the environment.

Every "My Night In" Bundle Box is:

  • The Essential Serum Cream (full-size product, 50ml)
  • The Barrier Balm (full-size product, 35g)
  • A hand-poured beeswax and soy “Haven” candle with a crackling wooden wick. (120ml glass jar)
  • A jar of unpasteurized ethically sourced wildflower honey from our own Ontario based bees and beekeeper. (118ml glass jar)
  • An “Unwind” journal prompt card.
  • A QR code providing exclusive access to our “Unwind” playlist on Spotify.

Made locally :)