Ao Hojicha


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Imagine if sencha and hōjicha got together and had a baby--well, that would look a lot like Ao Hōjicha! 

Made by roasting premium tamaryokucha, its flavour is a balance of the factors between sencha and hōjicha. You get the green and refreshing flavours from sencha, but with a roasted finish like hōjicha. 

Discover this new type of tea that brings you the best of both worlds! 


Origin: Ureshino, Saga, Japan

Cultivar: Saemidori (さえみどり) & Okumidori (おくみどり)

Harvest date: Mid April - Mid May 2021

Shading: 14 days

Tasting notes: Grass | Barley | Roasted



Leaf: 6g- 8g

Water: 240ml

Temperature: 70°C - 80°C

Steeping time: 60 seconds