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Angels on the Moon Earrings

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A whimsical slice of the night sky, this pair of mismatched gold crescent moon celestial earrings featuring the cutest cherub angels are an adorable way to give your outfit a boho vibe that all will admire.
The moon earrings have a mystical feel and tell their own little story of these gorgeous angels conversing with the man on the moon. I wonder what they are talking about? Buy these today and find out!

* whimsical cherubs sitting on crescent moon design
* gold plated .925 sterling silver
* nickel-free
* Lightweight and comfortable

* Made locally :)

Note for buyer
All our earrings are made with great attention to detail, but please note that earrings are not identical due to they're made by hand. We try our best to make our jewelry as light and comfortable as possible.