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Angel and Devil Stud Earrings

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We all have moments when we are in the middle of a dilemma, then the little angel and devil appear on your shoulders, whispering in their separate ways, trying to pull you to their side. But either way, I hope every time when you wear these earrings, you can always follow your heart and make the right choice.

Product detail
Weight: 1 gram on each side
Size: 8 mm
Material: All the earrings are made of Nickel Free Sterling silver(92.5% Silver)
Color: Gold, White Gold, Silver

Made locally :)

Note for buyer
All our earrings are made with great attention to detail, but please note that earrings are not identical due to the fact they're made by hand. We try our best to make our jewelry as light and comfortable as possible.
The earrings sell in pairs (the Angle must go with the Devil).