Ache and Ear Drops

Ache and Ear Drops

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Don’t let the simplicity of this blend fool you. This tried ‘n true partnering of mullein flowers and garlic cloves in olive oil will soothe minor ear aches and infections with its powerful pain relieving, anti-inflammatory, astringent, and anti-bacterial properties. Also helps with persistent ear wax build up.
Gentle enough to be used on your non-human animals loved ones too for ear infections, allergy or mite induced itch and irritation (and antiseptic cleaning).

10 ml (1.8 oz)


Cold pressed olive oil, locally farmed garlic + respectfully wild hand- harvested mullein flowers (leaving lots for the bees!).

Apply 1 – 3 drops, as needed. May warm first slightly. If symptoms worsen, consult your doctor.