Amethyst Stone Flower Pendant & Pebblestone Necklace Chain

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Pendant & pebblestone chain can be sold separately. 

The precious amethyst stone pendant has the highest grade, 92.5%, sterling silver accents. Made in Nepal.  

Pebblestone Beaded Necklace Chain:

Bead Size: 3mm

Their Pebblestone bead TT9 is their best seller because it appeals to many tastes. The bead is brightly reflective solid silver that is tumbled, and faceted. This effect creates an elegant light-dappled, organic presence, like water running over sparking pebbles. 

21" length. 

Made in Thailand, by the Karen hill tribe people of Northern Thailand, in self-managed communities. In line with Fair Trade principles, our artisans are paid a living wage that enables them to afford healthcare and education for their children. Your purchase helps the Karen artisans to support themselves, their families, and communities.