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  2. Palo Santo Stick - Amali Crystals

Palo Santo Stick

Amali Crystals

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Everything you need to cleanse your space and attract positive energy and light.

Palo Santo – Meaning ‘Holy Wood’ in Spanish.  Palo Santo is directly related to Frankincense, Myrrh, and Copal and is considered a sacred wood.  It has been used for centuries for spiritual purification and energy cleansing.   It is said to have medicinal and therapeutic healing properties and can be used to promote happiness, creativity, and love as well as encourage positivity.

How to use your Palo Santo

Light a match, hold the stick at a 45-degree angle down towards the flame.  Light the stick and let it burn for about 30 seconds (watch for a nice full bright flame) and then fan it out.  Rest the Palo Santo on an incense burner, abalone shell or another item that is heat friendly and allow the smoke to fill your space.

Alternatively, you may walk around your home or whichever space you are working in/cleansing, and allow the smoke to work its way into all corners and areas.  While doing this, you should have a clear and specific intention in mind and use something to fan the stick as you hold it over an abalone shell or some kind of bowl (to catch the ashes as it can get messy!).  You can speak your intention out loud while smudging/cleansing.  Please keep in mind, there is no right or wrong way to smudge and cleanse your space.  Whatever feels right will work.

The price is per stick.

****Never leave flames or burning items unattended